Saturday, October 22, 2011

For:STACIA but you can all look if you want

Last November we started a small, teensy, weensy project called
gutting the kitchen.
Literally, everything from the plaster to the support beams under the floor
went out the door.

This is my kitchen BEFORE

This is my kitchen now
~I love it~

I bought the fabric for these curtains at JoAnn's.
It has roosters on it!
The aprons belong to my girls.
My mom bought them their own hooks.

We decided not to get new appliances, since these were only four years old.
The rooster plate was a gift. Love it.

This is the bookshelf I had built in to the island. The plate on the bottom was painted by my grandma.

The butcher block was made by my dad. He used leftover oak flooring and walnut trim.

We ordered the sink as part of the countertop. It's seamless and a dream to clean!

This sign says PRAY...

I love the little details. I framed up the trinkets that we found in or around the house as we were remodeling.

 I bought these cast iron pigs at a little shop in Sonoma. The print is from the 31 Days To Clean Challenge

It says:
Our home should be a comfortable haven.
A place where visitors are welcome
And family is loved.
Not messy or cluttered
But filled with memories
And treasures of our times spent together.
Start each day with a prayer that
Our home will bring honor and glory to His name!

And last but not least...
Colossians 4:6
in your face every time you leave the room  :)

Thanks for looking
& Miss you lots, Staci!
Wish you could be here to see it in person.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much. I cried. I know I am a weirdo. I want to see it in person. Keep praying. =) Love you and it is beautiful Sarah. really beautiful. It is you all the way. Great job!! Thanks again!!! Miss you.

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