Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Porch Rugs

I know it's not Crafter's Friday but I still have a torn up kitchen, so cooking isn't realy an option! I'll have some snacks for you to try before the weekend hits, I promise!
Do you have one of the projects that you have been wanting to try for a long time but never seem to have all of the materials or the time…all at the same time?! 
This is one of those projects. And I’m happy to say, I can finally check it off of my list!

As you probably know, we are remodeling our kitchen. So…out came the old linoleum!
Which was perfect to make some Porch Rugs! 
Although, learn from my experience and make sure to make your intentions known, so the linoleum doesn’t end up ripped and torn….( I could’ve made several more rugs…oh well) Anyway,
Here’s what you’ll need:

Linoleum (old or new, that’s up to you)
Strong All purpose cleaner
Kilz primer
Deck or Floor paint
Clear sealant Spray
Painter’s tape and stencils
Paint Roller, Pan and Brush

I started with two pieces of Linoleum. Then I washed and scrubbed them with my Commercial Rubbermaid All Purpose cleaner.  The stronger it cleans, the better. One of the sites I was researching  said to use TSP…but I didn’t have that. And this project is all about using what you have! Also, If you have a particularly glossy finish linoleum, you may want to try using a wax remover kit; otherwise, your paint may not adhere. I attempted sanded my linoleum a little at this point, to dull the finish, but it didn’t feel any different, so I moved on  J

I let them dry out in the sun and went to find my paint.  Naturally, I have a million paints to choose from in my collection. So I chose Barn Red Exterior Deck Paint and a can of Rustoleum Glossy Black for Outdoor Finishes. 
Before painting you will need to prime your rugs with an oil-based primer. I prefer KILZ.
It’s pretty smelly, so you will want to be outdoors for this one.
                                           Once your primer is dried, you can get creative.

 I cut out two vinyl designs on my Cricut to use as stencils and decided to use painter’s tape to make a frame around the outside of the rug. You could get really detailed on this part if you want. I went with a simple outline mostly because I'm impatient and didn't want to take the time to make it really pretty!

I stuck the stencils down over the primer and then painted on my Barn Red. Be sure to pounce your brush when going over your stencils!  I put two coats over both rugs with the roller and let them dry overnight.  I was so excited when I woke up the next morning to find them dry and free of any paw prints! (we have four cats!)

Then it was time to do a little measuring to get my lines straight. I used the different widths of the painter’s tape to do the measuring for me! I love the glossy effect of the black!

I was surprised that the paint didn’t leak under the tape as much as it usually does! I have a horrible history with painter’s tape.
The final step was applying a clear gloss over both rugs to protect the finish.  I used a clear gloss exterior spray by Rustoleum. Some floor paints already have a sealer in them, so this step may not be necessary, depending on your paint choice.

Here they are in all their glory ~~ Already dusty from my kiddos!

See you back here on Friday!!


  1. ARGH!! My comment just got deleted! I hate that! the rugs. If we ever buy another house, I will be using several of your decorating ideas. Of course, you could just visit and decorate for me. Whichever!

    See you in about a month!

  2. holey moley this is awesome! I'm with Tricia - - someday when I get a house....

  3. What a great idea...we're looking to re-place or kitchen floor in the near future and I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! Yours looks awesome!


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