Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girly Summer Fun

I love having girls!
They love having their hair done and this summer we have been trying out some new, fun ideas.
Nobody likes boring hair for the summertime!

I love braiding the girls hair during the hot months because it just seems cooler. Aaaannnd, I don't have to brush it a million times a day! This braid is called the Waterfall Braid. I first heard about it here at

~This is Mae's Favorite~

It takes a little bit of practice but is very similar to a French braid, So I'm sure you can do it!

Our favorite thing to do with our hair in the summer is to braid in some embroidery floss!
Check these out:

Wanna' know how to do it?
I was going to make you a video but turns out that
"The camera is too heavy" says my daugther.
So you will have to settle for a Still Pic Tutorial.

Step One:
Choose a very small section of hair to work with
And divide it into two parts
(I am using a bigger section of hair so you can see what's going on)

Step Two:
Take a long (very long) length of embroidery floss and wrap around one section.
This will secure the floss later on.

Step Three:
Combine your two sections of hair.
Then divide into three sections and make a braid.
Do not braid your floss!
Secure the braid at the end with a clear elastic.

Step Four:
Grab your length of string and make a "4"
(Hard to explain, just look at the pic!)

Step Five:
Wrap the floss around the braid by pushing the Right Side of the floss under the hair and pulling it up through the number "4"

Step Six:
Slowly pull the knot of floss up the braid until you reach the top.
Repeat Steps Four through Six until hair is completely covered in floss.
Make sure the first few knots are very tight to help secure the braid.

Step Seven:
Take out your clear elastic. Trim your floss. And I usually wrap the clear elastic around the bottom of the braid again just to make sure the knots don't come loose. (That would be alot of work for nothing!)

~How To Use Different Colors~
Do step one, two and three with all of the colors that you will want to use. But when you get to step four, only leave out the colors you want to use right away.
When you are ready to use a different color~~ switch the color in your hand with the one you have been wrapping...Does that make sense?? Probably not. Sorry, this is why I don't do alot of tutorials !

I have one more hairstyle to show you but I did my hair that way yesterday and I don't want to do it that way again, So I guess you will just have to miss out.
Maybe another day.....

See you Soon!


  1. When my children were young, I used to braid their hair, I think it looks really nice.

  2. i like your tutorial and its the same as if you were making a bracelet with the string u just add hair haha :)


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