Friday, April 29, 2011

Mae's Birthday Board

Out of boredom because of my mid-winter blues, my daughter's March birthday always seems to have alot of decorations and planning associated with it. While searching for new ideas this year, we found the neatest thing...A Birthday Board.

I've seen them done all over the place now that we have made one. So hopefully this isn't old hat to all of you because we really love ours!

We started at Hobby Lobby picking out some papers and finding some little clips. Those were the only supplies that I had to purchase. Everything else was already in my cabinet at home.

Mod Podge
Craft Glue
Assorted Cardstock and Craft Paper
Mini-clothespins or clips
8x11inch board
Neutral Paint
Cricut (we used this for the letters, you could also just buy sticker-letters)

The idea of the board is to give the Birthday Boy or Girl their choice of Dinner and special activity each night of the week leading up to their Special Day.
At the top of the board is the countdown with numbers; with the dinner choices and acitivity choices below. We did such activities as: watching home movies of the birthday kid, looking through the baby books and other ideas specific to what that child enjoys...For Mae we did a "Read In Night"  :)

And then, At the end of the countdown, they can turn the board over and it says Happy Birthday!

Very simple to do; and other than the drying time for the mod podge, it really didn't take too long!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! And take some time to make someone's birthday extra special!

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