Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh So Lazy

Oh So Lazy
Written for "Fess Up Fridays"
I am sitting outside writing this post with pen and paper because my five year old has taken over the computer. He has discovered a "Pre-Kindergarten" Blue's Clues game that keeps him pretty busy most days. So I am going to blame my latest drought from blogging on him.
(I'll come up with a better excuse later)
I don't have any crafts to share. None.
No insightful or even remotely encouraging words either.
I do have a new recipe to post but lack the energy to do so.
I label-checked a bottle of ketchup while in Greece
(I couldn't read it; but I attempted)
Then my husband laughed at me and took pictures.
I have realized after being on vacation for almost  a month straight, that I am a very lazy person.
I love not making my bed.
I adore the professional chef that cooked me dinner
And the waiters that clean up after every meal.
I miss being able to leave something on the floor and ten minutes later,
return to find it folded neatly where it belongs.
I love not having to prepare or plan for meals and activities
Who's going where?!
When do I need to pick them up?!
I really enjoyed having the biggest decision of the day being
"Where should I read my book?"
Oh Well
Back to Reality...
"May I interest you in a little more time in the kitchen making food for your family
and some quality time cleaning up with them?"
"Why yes. I'd LOVE some."
Welcome Home!

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  1. Holy cow, how did you get nearly a month like THAT because I want one immediately!!!

    Ugh, I'm so jealous. Glad you're back though ;)


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