Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Gifts

For Mother's Day this year, instead of flowers or special treats; I made these Heirloom Journals! I found the idea here: Kissing The Joy As It Flies  
You have to click and take a look! Her's turned out just perfect and her grandma filled it all out!!   Anyway, here are the two that I did today...

These are personalized and filled with questions about their lives. Everything from "Where were you born?" to "What advice do you have for our family" (Click on the link above to see some suggested questions.)

Supplies are minimal and just basically whatever you have on hand! I bought two journals, stickers and some coordinating papers. I used my cricuit to cut out all of my letters and some flowers for the inside cover.

I modpodged the front and inside of the cover, to make them shiny. Then wrote the questions throughout the book.
I added some questions that I would like answers to , Such as: "When did you first hear about God?" and "Do you have any pearls of wisdom about being a commited Christian?"
I then put six or so stickers throughout the book just to spice it up a little.

I also found this awesome Family Tree scrapbook page and just had to find a way to include it! It may be my favorite part!!

In order to incooporate it into the book, I made a little pocket out of cardstock and glued it inside the back cover , then folded the page "Map" style and there ya' go!

I wish I could've found plain journals for this project so my color pallete could have been different but I think they turned out very nice and I can't wait to see them all filled out!
My girls are excited too! I told them they could make some bookmarks to go with the book out of my leftover supplies.

How about another look at the final product...I really love them....(sigh)


  1. Thanks! I can't wait to see if they actually fill them all out!

  2. Wow, yours turned out amazing! I absolutely love the idea of the family tree in the pocket. I'm so happy that you were inspired to do your own notebooks. It may take them some time to fill them out, but I guarantee you will be blessed by what comes back to you. Thanks for linking to me!

  3. Thanks, Kira! Your blog is always so much fun to read!


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