Thursday, April 5, 2012

Every Princess Loves Her Hair!

So remember way back when,
when I mentioned Rapunzel hair???

Apparently I don't have that kind of patience.

First, check out how the project was supposed to go...


Sounds easy enough,
                        buy the yarn,
                                   cut some strips,
                                                   sew to the cap
                                                                 and Wha LA!

Now, um...Here's how mine turned out

She thinks she looks beautiful.
I agree :)

When I tried to put a hat over her "Bald Spot",
She firmly stated that
"Rapunzel doesn't wear hats."

We have since then braided her hair and she wears it

This project does require alot of patience!

You will need: yellow yarn, an old pair of tights, and a needle and thread.
Oh, and patience, Have I mentioned that yet?

I used one package of yarn, so you will obviously need more than that.
(You know, depending on how big you want your bald spot to be!)

I found that the sewing was where I had difficulty.
It took forever!

I really think that this is a very fun idea,
 If you take the time to stick it out and finish yours,
Let me know! I would love to see it!

Have a great weekend!!

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