Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Punching Game

This game was so cool and so much fun!
I wish it would last longer than five minutes!

I started with a big TV box and spray painted the front and sides black.
Once my box was dry, I trace 15 circles on to the front and started cutting them out.
Once all of my holes were cut, I taped up the side flaps, flipped this bad boy over
and cut a flap-style door out of the back.

I followed the directions found here
               for applying the tissue paper, treats and bags over the insides of the holes.
Appying the bags takes time.
This was about the point of the project that I probably could've killed someone.
I didn't...
just sayin'

You may want to stock up on packaging tape for this project.
As you can see in the pic above...
pretty much everything is taped together by the time you get done!

 And there he sits.
Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!
This really was alot of fun to play. Brett was very excited!

We also made some traffic lights. Which was a very similar process, just a smaller box.

Hope you got some good ideas for your next car party! See you back here on Friday!

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