Friday, December 16, 2011

Pasta Salad Lovin'

Hello. My name is Sarah and I am a pasta addict.

and I seem to have influenced my children...just a little.

They eat an entire pound of these noodles between the four of them.

Because this is my blog and I can post whatever I want,,,neener,
and because I love Haley in this picture,
I am going to post about my favorite pasta salad

Mom's Italian Pasta Salad
1 lb tri color noodles (cooked, drained and cooled)
4oz. sliced pepperoni (more if you want)
1 bottle Italian dressing (only use a little over half)
1 container cherry/grape tomatoes (halved)
1 medium green bell pepper (diced)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Combine all indredients and Enjoy!

That's the problem with pasta....
it's too easy...

you can sit and browse pinterest all day,
daydreaming of all the projects you could be doing

and then all of a sudden,
"Whoops, it's dinnertime...
That's okay, I'll just make some noodles!"

I should write a book titled "How to Enjoy Pinterest Guilt Free"
First Chapter: Pasta For Dinner



  1. I use/prefer the artichokes hearts and cubed cheese in mine. And if I'm feeling extra cheesy (or trying to look fancy if I'm taking it somewhere) :) I will put a little shredded cheese on top. Also.......we're having this with brats for dinner tonight! Although I must say mine has been planned for a couple weeks now. Neener back! :)

  2. I just noticed that you didn't put cucumbers on the recipe list. Do you normally put them in it?


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