Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lost Library Book

When Audrey had just started school, I had some time on my hands one day and wrote a story for her.
I found it this morning on the computer and read it to her
 and her siblings.
They laughed and laughed.
I thought I would share it with you, Just for fun.
(Feel free to use your own kid's names, if you want to share it with them)


The Lost Library Book

1. Audrey ran up the drive as fast as her legs could go. She was so excited!  Today was library day at school and she had chosen the best book in the WHOLE library! 
Audrey burst in the door and started yelling, “MOM!”  , “MOOOOOMMMMM!!!”
2. Audrey’s mom came around the corner of the kitchen, “I thought that I saw the bus pull up. How was your day, sweetie?”

“Oh, Mom! You won’t believe what I brought home from school today!!” 
Before her mom could answer, Audrey pulled a large, very colorful book from her backpack.  Audrey had been waiting since the beginning of the school year to check it out of the library.  
3. Audrey’s mom glanced at the book and smiled. 
“What a nice book” She said.

“It’s not just nice, mom” Audrey stated firmly.  “It’s the biggest bestest book in the whole school!  And today it’s mine! Can we read it now, pleeeeease?” 

Audrey’s mom said they had to wait until after dinner to read the book, so Audrey set her book on the entry table. (That was her special place for her books) 
She helped her mom set the table and ate her dinner as fast as she could. She almost choked on her peas!
4.-5. “NOW??”  She whined.
Her mom nodded.
So she ran to get her book. But as she came around the corner, she saw the table.   The library book was not there. It was missing.

Audrey began to panic.  “Well, there is only one thing to do.  I will find that missing book, if it takes me all night!”  She vowed triumphantly.
6.”Where could it be?” Audrey thought to herself.  “Maybe it got up and walked away. No. books aren’t that smart.”
“What if a giant wind blew it out the window?  No. The book was much too heavy to be blown away.”
Then she had it!  It had been stolen by pirates.
7. She knew just where to look.   Up the stairs she leapt to her sister’s room.   Her sister, Haley was the worst pirate of them all.   (With a patch on her eye and everything!)

Audrey was as quiet as a mouse; she began to sneak up to the door.  Wait! What was that noise? She thought.  There was something sniffing and snuffling on the other side of the door.   Audrey started to get a little nervous…
 “Maybe she should just let the pirates read the book first?” She wondered.  “After all, Pirates need to read too.”

No. She convinced herself to be brave and pushed open the door.

8.-9. There, in the middle of the room, was a gigantic purple ship with flowing pink sails.  On the upper deck was Haley, waving her sword and shouting at her crew.  Sneakers, the family dog, was wearing a red bandana and Brett, the girl’s two year old brother, was telling the rest of the gang what to do.
 (Well, in baby talk, of course. Cause he’s only two. )  But there were at least ten of them.  All guarding an overflowing treasure chest, and then Audrey spotted it.

There was her book.  Nestled in with all of the pirate’s gold.  

10.  “I knew it!” Audrey yelled at the top of her lungs. 
Haley the Pirate had taken the library book.    Haley and her bandits turned and saw Audrey standing in the doorway.

“Get her!” Haley commanded.  Audrey’s snatched the book and ran for the hall.   The pirates were right behind her. She was almost home free when she tripped and down they came.

Audrey, Haley, Sneakers, and Brett went tumbling down the stairs.
11. “What is all of the commotion up there?” asked their mom, with a stern tone in her voice. 

The girls began to giggle.  “We’re just reading my book.” Audrey said, “It’s all about pirates.” 

The End

Hope you are all having
a wonderful weekend with your family!

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