Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Things to Remember

I was thinking today that there are a million little things that we do every day that I wish I would take the time to write down. So guess what!
I'm going to write them on here.
Lucky you.


Maddie has started laughing anytime anyone says "Butt"
Example: David was speaking the other night and said, ".....the Pastor but...." and she burst out in giggles; which got everyone else at the table laughing and saying Butt repeatedly.
(This happens at your house, right?!)

Audrey attempted to take pictures for a National Geographic Kids Contest ,
with chances of like 1 in 40,00 or something, and is very intent on winning.
Although, she doesn't want the Grand Prize; just second place.
(We raised our kids to think realistically. Ha!)

Lately, Haley as been saying, "Not lady-like" instead of "Excuse me" before burping
or doing any other noisy bodily function.
Oh, dear.

Brett had a run in with the principal on the fourth day of school.
Brett didn't want to go in and Maddie was crying that she didn't want him to go.
I'm pretty sure that Brett was just being a good big brother.
Meanwhile, the principal saw him and came over to help.
The guy actually got into my van!!!!
Dirty floor, water bottles and tissues everywhere....I was so ashamed,
forget the fact that my kid was acting up!
All is well now, though. Very well, in fact.
He is loving school and already learning to read a couple of words!

While we were on our trip to Greece, our freezers went out and we lost a whole pig, 40+ pounds of burger and all of the berries and jams that we had worked on all summer!! Thankfully, 3 weeks later, on the first night of hunting season, God provided a deer for David to shoot.
 Literally, within an hour of being in the woods!

Now I don't have to pay almost $4 for a pound of hamburger! Woo Hoo!

Hope you're all enjoying Fall!

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