Friday, September 30, 2011

Fess Up Friday

Ever have one of those moments where you feel like a kid again??
I have a couple that have happened this week.
Maybe I'm tired of being responsible or something,
I don't know...


Last night we had some friends over and were going to have Stuffed Baked Apples for dessert
(because I'm to lazy to peel all of the apples for pie, if you must know the real reason).
The apples refused to soften in time for consumption, so I forced everyone to eat them crispy.
Yup, hard and crunchy.

At least they look yummy


I was outside playing with Maddie and picking up stuff around the yard; toys, garbage, and so on...
When I came upon a broken hanger (In the yard, ya, I don't know how it got there either).
Instead of just tossing it in the garbage bin,
I broke it.
Then I broke another piece off.
It snapped in three pieces.
It was fun. Even though it was already broken,
I still felt naughty
Wierd? Maybe.


Then just today, I was followed into the bathroom by our cat, Batman. He hopped into the shower and started sipping the puddles of water left from our morning showers. So...I turned on the water.
(I'm laughing as I write this)
It was great!!
He was out the door in a flash!

Hope you're ready to enjoy the weekend!
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  1. Heehee, I can so relate to these things. Especially breaking the hanger. There really is fun in destruction sometimes. I try to remember that when I come upon my children using a hammer to demolish a poor defenseless toy car. Thanks for linking up!


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