Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What's July 4th without a yummy
 Cherry Pie

You know us....Couldn't just go and buy a pie like normal people!
So, here's the Practical Praise version of
"How To Make A Cheery Cherry Pie"

Step One:
Pick some cherries!

~Climb on Daddy to reach the tall ones~

~Don't forget to eat a few~

Step Two:
Take a picture for Grandma

Step Three:
Find a crust recipe that only uses the ingredients you have on hand.....I was out of butter!

Step Four:
Pit your cherries without a Pitter
(Little Messy!)

Step Five:
Make your filling.
Then, place your lattice strips on the pie
but don't actually weave them as directed.

And Bake...

Ta Da!

Step Six:
Whip up some cream for topping

And that's it! Doesn't that sound like fun?!
I have to say, that it was very interesting teaching the guys how to bake...messy but still interesting! I don't know that I will let them in the kitchen again any time soon unless they do the dishes after they are done cooking! Although they do make a mean pie

We had a great Family Filled Weekend! Hope you did too!
Happy Cherry Picking!


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