Sunday, June 19, 2011

Farm on the Fun.....I mean, Fun On The FARM

Welcome to the weekend, Everyone! We have had quite a few busy weeks in a row and this week was no exception! Starting with Memorial Day Weekend
We invited my husband's sister and her family to come camping with us on our property. We started the day trying to play at the lake but we're ran off by some rain. Then we headed over to the in-laws house for a very unfair game of kickball! (The husband plays like he's in the big leagues. Do they have kickball "Big Leagues"?)  Anyway,
The sky was getting dark, So we thought that we should probably head home and try to set up the campsite before we got rained out again...Well, turns out it was actually a tornado comin' to town...ya, we didn't know. So off we drove to set up the tents...To make a very long story a little shorter, the cow got out and distracted us as we were being pelted by rain and ended up inside watching the weatherman on tv. Whew!
But lucky for us, the weather cleared up and we ended up having an awesome weekend!

Cousin Fun At The Park

Roasting Marshmallows

Just Girls Havin' Fun

He was in charge of stocking the fire

What Cuties!

Hope you are all taking some time to enjoy the summer and all of the fun moments that come with it!
Happy Summer!

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  1. Oh what a fun idea! It looks like you live in a beautiful area and you take full advantage. Loved the bonfire picture, that one was great. Lots of really adorable little people in this post!


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